How We Started

Security blanket is a must-have item for your baby, as it makes your baby feel safe and emotionally supported. Nevertheless, parents can never be 100% confident about their parenthood, especially when it comes to keeping your baby safe and healthy.

Using our special copper coated fabric, our brand aims to provide reliable products for both babies and parents. It is necessary for all those babies who are exposed to germs and bacteria from exterior world.

We create the highest-quality essentials for baby. Knowing they may be your little one’s “firsts”, our items are made with love and care by real humans with a sweet, personal touch and hi-tech technology.

Why is Security Blanket Important?

Between six and seven months of age, infants begin to recognize they are separate beings from their parents. This can result in separation anxiety. During this phase, babies will often cry when their parent or caregiver leaves the room. This is a perfectly natural stage in the infants’ development.  

A baby security blanket can help with this phase. It works as a comforting emotional “stand in” for those periods when you need to leave your baby with another caregiver or family member. But even if you are with your baby 24/7, a baby security blanket can add an extra layer of comfort during stressful transitional phases, like when your child begins to teeth, transitions to a new bed, or switches from a bottle to a sippy cup. 

Choosing the Best Security Blanket

  • Soft Touch

    Soft and gentle feeling is critical when choosing a blanket, especially for your baby. The blanket should feel cuddly, soft and smooth. The best fabric that meets these criteria is modal and cotton.

  • Buy A Backup

    If your baby has become extremely attached to their lovey and cannot sleep without it, what will you do if the item needs to be washedt? It pays to choose a blanket which can be replaced or for which you have a back-up.

  • Anti-Microbial

    It is important to keep baby's security blanket sanitized at all times, since 43% of illness which baby gets is inflammation through mouth. As it is impossible to clean the blankie everyday, it is imporant for the blanket to have self-sanitizing function.

Our Values


The Special Copper Fabric with Hi-Tech

Fastest antibacterial copper is key material for CUCUDREAM security blanket. Special Aethera copper fabric is 100% copper coated fabric developed by world-class high-end IT technology company Chimie Lab Co., Ltd.



01. Protected from germs / virus
When babies are suffering from illness, they are usually caused by virus and bacteria through mouth. Copper works as a virus/bacteria killing material, and will always keep them safe.

02. Soft & Gentle Touch
Babies need to feel comfort and attachment even when they are not with their parents. Soft and gentle modal cotton fabric gives comfort to them.


01. Easier Parenthood
Babies will often cry when their parents leaves the room due to separation anxiety. Even though this is a perfectly natural situation, it doesn’t mean it isn’t upsetting. A baby security blanket can help with this phase by providing emotional support. Especially with CUCUDREAM security blanket, you can do less laundry but don't have to feel so guilty about it.


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    Add customer reviews or press releases to showcase your store's happy customers.
  • ★★★★★
    Add customer reviews or press releases to showcase your store's happy customers.
  • ★★★★★
    Add customer reviews or press releases to showcase your store's happy customers.
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